At the beginning of any project, it is very important that you communicate your expectations rather clearly to your sales manager. You need to spell out quite clearly the goals that you have in this context. This would help your managers focus on how they would meet them.

Replicating the best

It is very important to ask your managers to study and analyze the work being done by the managers who have been performing the best, especially in the industry that you are a part of. Ask them to find out what are the successful managers doing differently. This way, there is a good chance that your managers too would be able to duplicate what the luminaries are doing.

You can be sure that this would help you get a lot of better results as well.

Free up their time

The importance of proper coaching cannot be ruled out at all as it inevitably delivers the best results. This is why you should encourage them to enroll in management sales coaching Singapore. If possible, give them time off from their regular work so that they can pursue such studies. You also should give them time so that they can analyze the results of different teams and the people working over there.
This would help them identify key areas such as gaps in performance and patterns of behavior. This way, they may be able to take proper steps that can help close those gaps.

Choose the best methods of coaching

You have to choose the finest coaching models that have proven to be effective, especially in the industry where you are working. If you are looking for developmental coaching you should look for coaching that is more based on behavior. Your approach should be to engage the representatives in such a way that they can analyze the results of their work.

They must look at their methods, behavior, and other activities related to their work in the same way. You have to work with them to come up with a plan that can act as the best solution in these cases, and provide them all the help that they need to implement the same.

Leveraging Technology

These days, you have a lot of material and technology available for coaching such professionals on the internet. It would be remiss if you do not use them.
These apps and tools can play a major role in supporting the likes of coaching and making your managers a lot more efficient. In fact, it would make the entire system of work in your organization a lot more effective than it otherwise may have been. In fact, such usage of technology must be a part of the overall strategy process of sales enablement in your organization.

You also need to up the level that you are working at from time to time. This means providing these professionals all the performance and training support that is necessary for them to function at complete efficiency.