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Peter Sung (CHAIRMAN)

Peter Sung was a former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs and National Development with over 20 years of experience. He was also a Member of Parliament, Ambassador to the Philippines and Executive Chairman of several public listed companies.

Prior to joining the Government of Singapore, Mr Sung had a varied career in the private sector where he was involved in personnel, sales, marketing and corporate planning. In addition, he assumed senior management positions in many sectors including petroleum, construction, manufacturing, trading, property, hotel management and IT.

Peter holds a First Class Honours in Economics from the National University of Singapore and a Certificate in Education from the Teachers’ Training College.


Chris Fenney has over 35 years experience in training and management development, gained in leading commercial organizations both in Europe and the United States, where emphasis has been placed on optimizing human resources and improving performance.

His extensive corporate experience includes Director and Vice President appointments, across a range of sectors including manufacturing, service, retail and leisure in both Europe and America.

Chris has delivered training programs throughout South East Asia in many different countries including Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Maldives, and Sri Lanka. He has also the experience of delivering management development programs in the Middle East.

Chris holds a Masters in Management Learning and Development from the internationally recognized Management and Learning Centre at Lancaster University


Dave Phua is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Training Edge International, an internationally renowned corporate training consultancy. Dave is a seasoned marketing and business development professional with over two decades of experience in diverse industries.

Together with his eminent team, Dave’s leadership has prominently positioned Training Edge International as a leading professional development organization.

Dave co-founded Training Edge Academy to train students from educational institutions utilizing proprietary materials developed in Australia. He also started Training Edge Australia which leverages on the expertise of an excellent team of international facilitators and speakers for global training and consulting projects.

Dave has strategically positioned Training Edge International in various mainstream media including the Straits Times, Sunday Times, Business Times and leading magazines like Her World , Human Resources and Singapore Business Review.

Dave holds a Masters degree from Nanyang Technological University and a BSc (Hons) from the University of Bradford, UK. He was also an Advisory Board Member (Youth Delinquent Division) of the Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports

Shirley An Balderstone (DIRECTOR)

Shirley Balderstone is the Academic Director of Training Edge International and has over 30 years experience in the field of administration, learning and education.

Shirley has a Honours Degree in English and Teaching Diploma.


Cheryl Poon is the Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration of Training Edge International and has 20 years of experience in administration and finance. Cheryl has worked across several sectors, including banking, healthcare, advertising, training & education. Cheryl is passionate about creating a seamless customer experience for our valued clients.

Cheryl holds a BA (Econs) from the National University of Singapore.


Sattar Bawany is the Chief Learning Officer with Training Edge Asia. He is also concurrently the CEO and C-Suite Master Executive Coach of the Centre of Executive Education (CEE). Training Edge is a Strategic Partner of CEE in Singapore and the wider Asia Pacific region.

He has over 30 years’ international business management experience, including 20 years in executive coaching, group facilitation, and leadership development and training with global management consulting firms. In addition to his business and consulting career, Sattar has over 15 years of concurrent academic experience as an Adjunct Professor teaching senior executives international business strategies and human resource courses at various leading universities.

Sattar started his career in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years in various sales, marketing, and operations role. He transitioned into the professional services and consulting industry for over 20 years having assumed various senior management roles including Managing Director & Country Head and Talent Development & Coaching Practice Leader for DBM Asia Pacific as well as Business Leader, Organisational Effectiveness & Leadership Development Consultant and Executive Coach with Mercer HR Consulting, The Hay Group, The Forum Corporation, and Mercuri International.

Sattar’s passion for people and culture is about creating an environment where multigenerational and diverse employees are valued and emotionally engaged in the business. He has successfully worked with an extensive number of public and private organizations regionally and internationally specializing in people and culture through transformational change, starting with the ‘end’ in mind!

He is an experienced facilitator and has spent many years developing leadership capability through the delivery of structured talent management, leadership development programs including executive coaching.

Sattar is an astute advisor to executives who need to know how they are perceived and want to focus on what is most important in their professional and personal lives. He has coached a range of leaders, from CEOs to senior vice presidents, and high potential managers. His current work in organizations focuses on encouraging individual initiative and leadership from a systemic perspective in order to achieve clearly defined business results. His specialty is effectively linking people processes to business outcomes.

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