When you are heading to the negotiation table you need to be properly prepared so that you can be successful in the end. This is the first step in that regard as such. You need to have a complete understanding of the situation that you are going to get into as well. This will provide you a clear sense of everything that is at stake. This way, it would also be a lot easier to run through all the different scenarios. You also have to ask yourself a few questions. What are you expecting to get from the negotiation?      

You also have to be clear about the things that you are ready to compromise at the negotiation table. At the best negotiation skills training Singapore, you would learn how important it is to have some proper goals. You need to know exactly what you would be asking for before you get into the negotiation. You have to be able to build your case and establish the reasons why the other party must consider what you are requesting. This would help you to stick to your guns as such. It would also make your argument a lot more credible than it may otherwise have been.

In this context you would also have to think of the alternatives that you have. What is the back-up plan that you have in case things head south? If you are successful in conducting your negotiations, there is little chance that you would come away empty-handed from the bargaining table. It is true that you may not get what you had asked for, to begin with, but it would not be a scenario where you gain nothing from the process. This is why you have to be clear about the best alternative in this case.