A keynote speaker is the most important speaker in any given event and this is the differences between an unforgettable event and a typical one. With our wide range of domain experts, we are certain that we can provide the right speaker for your event.

Why the Right Choice is Important

The right keynote speaker could mean the difference between an unforgettable event and a stereotypical one. With the appropriate timing, a keynote speaker can:

Set or reinforce your theme for your event
Set the mood for the entire event
Introduce a different focus in a multi-day event
Create an unforgettable closing that leaves them wanting more
Add prestige to your program

Only the Best…

Training Edge International was founded on a base of learning excellence. Thus, we set high standards for our recommendation of keynote speakers. If we offer a speaker for your event, you can be assured that they are:

A subject matter expert
A professional with a track record of success on the stage with the skills, techniques and charisma to captivate your audience
The best candidate for your event

Our catalogue of speakers is extensive. Many are internationally recognised keynote speakers.

Value for Money…

Our speakers, like us, are always keen to look at opportunities to create the maximum value for your investment. Many of our speakers are multi-talented and, in addition to providing a stunning keynote, they may be able to add one or more of the following services:

Follow-up workshop/break-out session on the topic of their presentation
Workshop/break-out session on another area of expertise relevant to your delegates
Conduct a pre-event or post-event seminar

Please contact us to request customized training for you or your organization. To enable us to meet your desired outcomes from the training program, please furnish us with information on your requirements. The information you provide will enable our certified trainers to evaluate the nature of your request.

Once your request has been evaluated, a representative will contact you to clarify your request or schedule an arrangement.