John Ong

John is an organisational change coach – enables people in transition to self-lead, then lead through intra-inter self-interventions for successful change.  John has 20 years of corporate experience. Just one stint as a Channels Training and Development Manager for Southeast Asia was all it took to trigger his passion to totally devote his second career in corporate training and coaching.

In 2002 to 2004, John was appointed to be a master trainer and module developed for the Singapore Human Resources Institute’s Ministry of Manpower funded, Workskills Training Programme (change and career transition programme) for the Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technician (PMETs). Since then, John has enabled organisations to apply the synergy of strategic thinking and behavioural models to achieve the desired performance even in tough times.

Today, among his favorite workshops are Self-leadership, Personal Resiliency and motivations, Positive Emotions and Performance.  Fundamentally, these workshops are designed as an effective enabler for executives to tap on their intra-personal strengths to lead and perform under unusual stressful circumstances such as a transformational organisational change initiative.