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Ready, Set Goals, Action

As I said in yesterday’s article, your New Year resolutions are not doomed to fail if you adhere to some goal-setting tips. Part 1 covered “Nudging” your goals in the right direction; being “Exact” about what you want to achieve; and “When” you want to achieve it” — […]

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War and Peace

HUMANS are complex beings, with a range of emotions, beliefs and needs. Often there is conflict when these characteristics clash with another person’s. When they clash with someone we live or work with, it presents a problem that has to be dealt […]

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Downsizing with Grace

COMPANIES are increasingly turning to downsizing and layoffs to maintain their survival and ability to compete in the global economy. This has resulted in a decrease in morale, productivity, loyalty and commitment of employees. Both “survivors” and displaced […]

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Boost Your Reputation

Reputations either open doors or slam them shut, and if it’s the latter, there’s no better time than now to resolve to do things differently in future. People make judgments about business and individuals in an instant. So it pays to have as positive a […]

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Create Your Confidence

FOR years, the common belief has been that the only genuine way to a more confident appearance was a more confident mindset. The technique known as “fake it till you make it” was just that — faking it. But the latest research has shown that how we act can […]

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Bring Xmas Cheer

Show your appreciation to your employees this festive season CHRISTMAS is around the corner, and companies are gearing up for the festive season. Employees are going on vacation leave to take a break, recharge and revitalise for the upcoming new year. […]

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Traits of super salesman

Over the years, chief executive officers and sales managers have asked me what characteristics they should look for in identifying potential top-performing salesmen. Recent research has reinforced my views on the top five. Visible trustworthiness Trust is top […]

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Who Will Step Into Your Shoes?

Imagine that a key member of your organisation suddenly decides to leave or retire. What happens next? Would your organisation continue along in the same manner? Have you thought about who would step up and replace the leaders in your organisation if […]

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A Lasting Legacy

WHEN South Africa’s first black president and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela died on Dec 5, 2013, the whole world marked his passing. But we still have much to learn aboutleadership from his legacy. In this article, I use his name as an acronym for how he can inspire […]

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Career not working?

“IT’S not what you know, but who you know.” This piece of business wisdom first appeared almost a century ago and, unfortunately, the name of its creator has been lost along the way. Its early use was among tradesmen and shipyard workers, where the tone was […]

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