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Choosing A Sales Trainer

A LOT of sales training is a waste of money. This is largely because of five common mistakes: 1. Choosing the lowest fee The real cost of running sales training is not the trainer’s fee. The real cost is: • The opportunity cost of […]

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Earn your customers’ loyalty

IT IS universally accepted that it costs around five times more to acquire a new client than it does to keep an existing one. This fact has been written about by Tom Peters in his book Thriving On Chaos. The Harvard Business Review […]

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No Plan, No Gain

HAVE you ever been to a meeting that didn’t quite go the way you thought it might? Perhaps you got sidetracked or derailed and ended up not achieving the sale as you had planned or hoped. Maybe that was because you had […]

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Be A Leader

IN MANY circles, we persist in referring to people as resources or assets or — the other dreadful yet common expression — as capital. In my mind, such labels suggest that people don’t matter, only the organisation’s balance sheet […]

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Creating A Blog That Is A Customer Magnet

Most people are aware that blogging is one of the most effective and economical ways for businesses to increase visibility, generate leads, boost customer loyalty, and drive sales. Few, however […]

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Put your best foot forward on social media

IN TODAY’S digital age, your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are not just social media platforms – they can also function as character references for employers. “I think we should all […]

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5 secrets of successful people

What sets successful people apart from those who fail to achieve their aspirations? In addition to their luck and ability, a can-do attitude and positive mindset go a long way. Here are some traits that will put you on the path to […]

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Exercise Your Creativity

Getting started on creativity is difficult as it is a mental muscle rarely exercised on a daily basis. This is why many companies struggle when it comes to fostering creativity amongst their employees. It is important to distinguish […]

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Diversity at the workplace

Success involves the interplay of unrelated factors. For instance, hard work and luck are not related, yet somehow they often come together to create success. As workforce diversity becomes more common in […]

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Managing Millennials

In today’s complex and challenging labour market, organisations are having trouble attracting good-quality talent for their workplaces. Generation Y employees are the key to an organisation’s future growth. They […]

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