Project Description

What sets successful people apart from those who fail to achieve their aspirations? In addition to their luck and ability, a can-do attitude and positive mindset go a long way. Here are some traits that will put you on the path to success.

1. Be proactive and make things happen
Instead of reaching to events and waiting for opportunities, successful people venture out to create their own chances, and in doing so, create their own destinies.

“Instead of grumbling about unfavourable life circumstances or the economic downturn, successful people are likely to channel their time and energy into aspects within their control, or take concrete action to improve situations,” said Mr Dave Phua, managing director of Training Edge International.
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2. Engage in lifelong learning
Successful people believe that learning comes in many forms, beyond formal educational institutes like school and universities.

“They often continuously expand their knowledge and read widely across multiple disciplines. Most importantly, they apply their acquired knowledge to be more productive and efficient or improve the quality of their work,” said Mr Phua.

3. Turn failure into advantage
Successful people know that failure is an opportunity to learn something new or to fine-tune the way certain things are done. They learn from their mistakes to increase their chances of success, and so not perceive obstacles as barriers to success but learning experiences.

4. Focus on making small continuous improvements
Go-getters take conscious control of their lives, set goals and work towards achieving them. However, it is easy to give up when our goals seem insurmountable. Divide your goal into smaller manageable ones that can be achieved one step at a time.

In addition, Mr Phua noted that making minor incremental improvements will eventually culminate in significant changes over times.

5. Share what you can with the needy
When a person is successful, he or she is likely to possess extra resources to share with the less fortunate. Being charitable makes us aware of the hardships the lower strata of society struggles with, keeps us firmly grounded and deters us from being too caught up in our own success.