‘Y’ Are U Different From ‘X’ and ‘Z’

As people live and work longer than ever before, the current workplace environment may house up to four generations. The different generations at work can present communication challenges and conflicts, due to the different working styles of each generation. This workshop will help you understand the various generations present at work and what motivates each one, plus ways to bridge the generational divides to better deal with them on a daily basis.

What you will learn:

  • Identify and understand the differences between each generation
  • Understand different modes and communication styles across generations
  • Secret to a multi-generation synergy, and how to leverage on its benefits
  • Creating a conducive environment for communication and integration, for long-term productivity and profitability


Who should attend:
Senior & Middle Management, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Financial Advisors, Real Estate Professionals, Business Owners, etc.