With a wide range of domain experts and over 15 years of training in various industries like Aviation & Education and across various departments like HR & Sales, we are confident that we can provide your company the right training you are searching for.

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Attracting and Retaining Millennials to Your Organisation

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Managing Diversity and High Performance Teams

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The Art and Science Of The Business Narrative

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Multi Generation Workforce : Leadership Challenges And Opportunities

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Creating A Strategy For Developing Frontline Leaders

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'Y' Are U Different From 'X' and 'Z'

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Jack Welch and the 4 Es and 1 P of Leadership: “Practical Implications for Modern Managers”

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Managing and Harnessing the Potential of Multi-Generation Synergy at the Workplace

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EQ for Workplace Success

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Develop your Staff through Coaching – A Practical Approach for Managers

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Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

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Managerial Skills for New Supervisors
Transforming Next Generation of Leaders
Executive Leadership Team Development
Situational Leadership for Sustaining Engagement
Achieving Managerial Success through People
Mentoring Skills for Leadership Success
Managing in the New Economy
Collaborative Leadership Skills


Consultative Selling Skills
Key Account Management
Effective Sales Negotiation
Impactful Presentation Techniques
Sustaining Sales Productivity
Territory and Time Management
Productive Sales Prospecting
Managing for Sales Performance


Developing Influencing Skills
Storytelling in the Workplace
Negotiation with Impact
Impactful Presentation Techniques
Critical and Strategic Thinking Skills


Leading in a Multigenerational Workplace
Managing Service Excellence
Effective Motivational Management
Leading People through Change and Transition
Cross Cultural Communication and Negotiation
Leading with EQ at the Workplace


Managing Gen Y Workforce
Team Building
Dealing with Office Politics
Maximizing Workplace Happiness
Expectation and Goal Setting


Dealing with Difficult Customers
Managing Service Excellence
Developing Customer Experience
Towards Service Excellence
Enhancing Customer Engagement

Please contact us to request customized training for you or your organization. To enable us to meet your desired outcomes from the training program, please furnish us with information on your requirements. The information you provide will enable our certified trainers to evaluate the nature of your request.

Once your request has been evaluated, a representative will contact you to clarify your request or schedule an arrangement.